massage gun JX703B

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massage gun, also known as the deep myofascial impingement instrument, is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool that relaxes the body's soft tissues through high-frequency impingement. The massage gun can be thought of as a civilian version of the DMS (Electric Deep Muscle Stimulator). The vibration rate varies when used, and the basic function is similar to that of the DMS. The massage gun is an effective method to treat soft tissue pain introduced from abroad. It stimulates its proprioceptive function, and then plays an effective role in relieving muscle tension and achieving the purpose of pain relief.

Product attributes

Material: all metal CNC                                           packaging: white box + pearl cotton

Massage head: set of 4 pieces                              accessories: manual, charging line, storage bag

Rated voltage: 12V                                                  Rated power: 24W

massage gun JX703Bmassage gun JX703Bmassage gun JX703Bmassage gun JX703Bmassage gun JX703B

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