Air purifier,Ultraviolet air purifier air quality display air filtration purification disinfector

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Applicable area: 5-20m²                                                                                                                                                    Removal rate: > 99.9%       Bacterial removal rate: > 99.9%
Air volume: 150m³/H       
Sterilization Principle: UVC + Plasma + H13 HEPA
Filters: H13 HEPA & carbon composite filter*1+ Nylon Prefilter*1+ Photocatalyst filter*1                UVC Lamp:1 pc(6W,wavelength:254nm,L:212mm)             Plasma: 1 pc
Voltage:DC12V(vehicle use) /100-240V AC 50/60Hz (need to add extra 16USD)                                         Power Consumption: 3A+1.3A       Noise: <60dB 
Machine Size: 420*260*120mm,N.W:7KG
Plug: EU,US,UK,AU and others
Control Method: Touch Screen, Remote control, TUYA APP(WIFI)
Shell Material: Full baking varnish machine case              Color:White 
Airflow direction: bottom-Air inlet, Top-Air outlet
Function: Tuya APP Wifi smart control.PM2.5 detection, Temperature detection, Humidity detection, UVC Sterilize, Plasma, TVOC detection, Air Speed Regulation, Auto Mode, Timing, Sleeping, Child-lock, Voice broadcast.
Ultraviolet wavelength: 254nm        UV leakage: < 1uw/CM
Extinction rate of air natural bacteria: > 90%
Per Hour Ozone concentration: < 0.005mg/m3

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