Blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure monitor

Household sphygmomanometers are mainly used in families. Family medical care has become modern medical care fashion. In the past people measure blood pressure must go to the hospital, should have household electronic sphygmomanometer only now, sit in the home can monitor the change of blood pressure at any time, if discover blood pressure is abnormal, can go to the hospital in time for treatment, rose to prevent the action of the disease such as cerebral hemorrhage, heart failure. In recent years, the sphygmomanometer calibration has been changed from millimeters of mercury (mmHg) to dry pas (kPa) in accordance with the international recommendations of the International Legal Metrology Organization "Sphygmomanometer revision Draft Provisions". 1kPa= 7.5mmhg, the scale of the value is 0.5kPa. There are two scales on the blood pressure meter. Please pay attention when using it. Household sphygmomanometers mostly adopt German technology, easy to operate, easy to carry, intelligent inflating and deflating, automatic shut-off, blood pressure can be measured in one minute, accuracy close to mercury sphygmomanometer, family popular application preferred automatic electronic sphygmomanometer.

How to use electronic sphygmomanometer

1) Keep quiet indoors and keep the room temperature at about 20℃.

2) Before the measurement, the subject should relax, rest for 20 ~ 30 minutes, empty the bladder, refrain from drinking alcohol, coffee and strong tea, and stop smoking.

3) The subject can take the sitting position or supine position, the measured arm should be placed at the same level with the right atrium (when sitting, the arm should be at the same level with the fourth costal cartilage, when lying, the arm should be placed at the level of the midaxillary line), and the abduction is 45 degrees. Roll up the sleeve to armpit or remove one sleeve for easy measurement.

4) Before measuring blood pressure, the gas in the cuff of the sphygmanometer should be emptied first, and then the cuff should be evenly tied to the upper arm. It should not be too loose or too tight, so as not to affect the accuracy of the measurement value. The middle of the air pocket is the brachial artery to the elbow fossa (most electronic sphygmomanometers mark this position with an arrow on the cuff), and the lower edge of the cuff is 2 ~ 3 cm from the elbow fossa.

5) Turn on the electronic sphygmomanometer and record the blood pressure measurement results after the measurement.

6) After the completion of the first measurement, air should be completely deflated, wait at least 1 minute, and then repeat the measurement once more, and take the average value of the two times as the obtained blood pressure value. In addition, if you want to determine whether to suffer from hypertension, it is best to measure blood pressure at different times. It is generally believed that at least 3 times of blood pressure measured at different times can be defined as hypertension.

7) If it is necessary to observe changes in blood pressure every day, the blood pressure of the same arm should be measured with the same sphygmomanometer at the same time, in the same position, so that the results can be more reliable.

Oxygen concentrators

Household oxygen generator is easy to use, mobile light, suitable for the majority of health care. Car home dual-use, not only can be suitable for home, but also can use car power on the car. Oxygen is a colorless and odorless gas, which is an important substance for the survival of human body and other animals and plants. Without oxygen, nature would be lifeless and lifeless, as important as water. Oxygen is used in a wide range of industries, including health care and beauty care.

Household oxygen generator working principle:

the use of molecular sieve physical adsorption and desorption technology. Oxygen machine filled with molecular sieve, under pressure can be nitrogen adsorption in the air, the rest of the oxygen has not been absorbed by the collection, after purification treatment that becomes high purity of oxygen. Molecular sieve in decompression will be adsorbed nitrogen emissions back to the ambient air, in the next pressurization can adsorb nitrogen and make oxygen, the whole process is a cyclical dynamic cycle process, molecular sieve is not consumed.

Oxygen action:

Conditions and Advantages of oxygen inhalation oxygen inhalation is sometimes called "oxygen therapy", although it cannot cure all diseases, but it has obvious effects on some diseases. It can not only supply oxygen to hypoxic tissues, but also dissolve bubbles in blood, stimulate wound healing, As well as bubble embolism, carbon monoxide poisoning, cyanide poisoning, non-healing trauma, bone injury necrosis, soft tissue infection, brain edema and other diseases have the use of value. Oxygen under atmospheric pressure for premature babies and those with serious diseases or injuries is also a vital lifesaving measure. It can be thought that not only hypoxic patients need oxygen, but also normal people need to supplement certain oxygen in the natural environment. For example, patients with coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease, asthma, bronchitis and various chronic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, pregnant women, mental workers with intense work and study, primary school, junior high school, senior high school, university, graduate students and other personnel preparing for examinations, residents of highland hypoxia areas, tourists and so on.

4G smartwatch features

 Functions: Google Play, Brower, Music, Heart Rate, Pedometer, Multi-sports Mode, Finding Phone, Camera, Recorder, etc (App: WiiWatch2)

Adult smart watch sleep monitoring

  The automatic intelligence identifies the sleep state, records thesleep data after the whole sleep, Break it down and quantify thequality of your sleep, making you more productive Understand the state of your sleep.

Macaron Bluetooth headset

Macaron color, girlish feeling full. True wireless Bluetooth headset, Android universal huawei, Apple universal millet, frosted feel, sports headset, let sweat and music accompany. Smart Bluetooth headset, enjoy high quality life.

LED digital display Bluetooth headset
This Bluetooth headset comes with a large charging pod, which can provide longer battery life anytime and anywhere, up to 200 hours of battery life, so you can listen to music without having to worry about constantly recharging the headphones.

The charging case of the headset is equipped with an LED power display, which looks very high-tech. It can intuitively display the remaining battery status of the charging pod and the headset, so that you can have a good idea of the battery status, so that you can reasonably arrange the battery life, so that you can continue to enjoy the fun of listening to music.
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